Full grown students

INTRODUCING….Brenna, Seattle, Washington! I work in a corporate office with your typical multi-level management structure. It provides quite a lot of security, and a lot of room for growth if you want it, but I find it to be far less glamorous than all you ladies’ well-traveled lives. With this very rigid hierarchy comes not only comfort and opportunity, but a lot of challenges (for … Continue reading Full grown students

Losing our shit – literally and figuratively.

Lindsay, Bordeaux, France There are multiple ways to say “to lose one’s temper” : to crack, to blow up, to freak out, to fly off the handle, to lose it, to lose your shit…  but I’ve always thought the best was “to snap.”  It conjures up an image, for me, personally, of a ruler.  An old-timey wooden ruler (because let’s face it, most of them are … Continue reading Losing our shit – literally and figuratively.

Guilt and pleasure

Clare, London, UK Guilty pleasures? This bothered me. I started off thinking ‘we’re adults now and we’re meant to be reasoned beings who act as they please, therefore where does the guilt come from?’ And then I woke up the following morning realising I had had two suppers and more mojitos than a ‘reasoned’ person would have. And it was awesome. Guilty pleasures: food Anyone … Continue reading Guilt and pleasure

Getting in touch with our inner child’s inner bookworms

Hannah B., Modesto, California I wish I could say that my favorite book as a child was something very forward thinking, something progressive and feminist and badass. But mostly I have fond memories of reading the adventures of Amelia Bedelia – a maid who proved that the English language is not nearly as literal as it claims to be – and Five Little Monkeys – … Continue reading Getting in touch with our inner child’s inner bookworms

First impressions for better or worse

Clare, London, England Right I’ve been a bit of an anti-social hermit this week, busy creating way too many words to fit into a chapter, and wondering what alternatives I might use for words like ‘reveal’, ‘demonstrate’, ‘likewise’, and ‘indeed’. There are a lot of ‘indeed’s in this chapter. So when I got this email around first impressions my initial thought was ‘shit, the only … Continue reading First impressions for better or worse

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Hannah F., Dubai, United Arab Emirates The End of the World Dubai, 2020 The world went mad and started dropping more nuclear bombs than Timbaland drops beats. It all began with a bit of agro between Saudi and some other Middle Eastern countries. Next thing we knew, North Korea, China, Russia, the UK and America had all got involved. To this day, we still don’t … Continue reading How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse