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Seven women on three different continents doing the life thing from banal to insane. What does is mean to be a woman right now? Every two weeks (or so…), we’ll give you seven versions, but we always want to hear about all the other ways womanhood is being played out in this mad, mad world.

Without further ado, please meet these fabulous, female beings :


I am Clare, British by birth, but a bit of a nomad having constantly been on the move for the last decade and a half between Britain, Chile, Sri Lanka, the UAE, France and Germany. I am currently a PhD candidate in French Studies and I try and spend as much time as possible in my favourite country, France. However, when back in London, continental Europe is never far away because I live with a Bayern München obsessed German, named Martin, who is also pretty much American (though after extensive training, it is now ‘bin’ or ‘rubbish’, not ‘trash’).

The days are joyously filled with books and articles on theatre, the French Revolution and Napoleon, an activity which often encroaches on the evenings, nights, and weekends. However, the free time is dedicated to an electric bunch of friends from all different walks of life, exhibitions, more theatre, and, most importantly, food!


The story of CVK. L’histoire de Caro. Die Geschichte von Line.

Born 24 years ago in Heidelberg, Germany. Grew up near the French border. Sandwich child. One older brother, one younger sister, incredibly supportive parents. Got a taste of the world with sixteen. Left for school in England. Followed by three incredible years in Dublin. Became Girish. German by birth, Irish at heart. Erasmus – Got  taste of the French way of life in Bordeaux. Met Hannah, Clare and Ella. Drank wine and ate cheese en masse. Returned to the Emerald Isle for her final year. Graduated as a “qualified European”. Countless life shaping experiences in between. Three summers in the Swiss Alps -summer camp. Jailbreak. Camino de Santiago. Fulfilled her dream and went to St Andrews. “Mastered” Cultural Identity Studies. Incredible memories and friendships. Returned to Germany after seven years. Hamburg – Global Assignment Management Internship. Lost herself. Found herself. Ready for adventures to come. Next stop two months in France. Followed by London. Teach First. Challenge accepted. Ultimate destination? Happiness. 


Well hello there, thanks for stopping by, might I say how radiant you look today/this evening? Unfortunately I’m not much better at introducing myself than I am at coming up with good opening lines, but I’m going to give it a go anyway and see how it goes.

I’m a marketing assistant from a small town called Llangefni in North Wales. There may not be all that much to do round here but I challenge anyone who’s visited to (honestly) tell me that it isn’t absolutely stunning. Recently I’ve managed to get a lot more out of this beauty by taking up photography, now instead of walking around all these places, I’m actually taking everything in properly, and managing to be creative too.

I also enjoy cooking and baking,  hopefully when I find good enough recipes I’ll be able to share them with you all (as long as they fit in with the theme of the post of course) I also like to mess around with putting food on my face i.e. making my own beauty products. Why? because this way I know exactly what’s going on to my skin, and I also know that it won’t have been tested on animals either. Plus often it’s sooo much cheaper and even more effective than store bought equivalents.

Right I think that’s it! I hope you all enjoy reading this blog, I’m genuinely thrilled to be a part of it.


hannah bio

I’m a 24 year old air hostess from Wales, currently living in Dubai. I used to teach in a “challenging” secondary school, so I kicked that in the head and decided to clear off round the world whilst being paid to do so 😁 I love dogs, reading, eating and drinking! Life goals include skydiving, visiting as many countries in the world as I possibly can and writing a book. Current hardships include maintaining long-distance relationships with family, friends, my boyfriend and my bed, but other than that, life is peachy.


Kirsten Bio


I have a Lorelai-Gilmore-esque coffee addiction. I’m a Libra and I feel like I fit the typical Libra characteristics quite well, even if I’m not big on astrology. I like baking things and then giving said things to others for them to enjoy. I have a thing for pretty much anything in the shape of a heart but I’m not a fan of the color pink. I’m a feminist. I like whiskey. And beer. And dresses. And Taylor Swift. I have seven tattoos.  I enjoy inspirational quotations and melancholy song lyrics. I adore Shakespeare and Austen and Wilde; Van Gogh and Afremov and Mucha. Tears well up in my eyes at the slightest tug of my heart strings. I value people who make me laugh. I have frighteningly realistic nightmares and so avoid horror films of any kind. I can’t drive stick. I bike everywhere, even in the rain, even though I can’t stand being cold. I love petrichor and the smell of birthday candles after they’ve been blown out. I am obsessed with melted cheese.  I’m into linguistics and syntax and semantics and etymology.  I play guitar but have atrocious strumming form. I’ve recently been teaching myself to crochet. I’m always reading something – currently: The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas by Gertrude Stein.

Mika and Hannah’s are imminent…not because they are lazy…they are women in demand who may have personal scheduling issues…


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