She moves in all directions

Ella, Llangefni, Wales As you’ve probably guessed, on Her Day Out Loud, we all love travel. It’s how I met Hannah, Clare and Caroline (though some people wouldn’t define staying in one place for a year as travelling) and so, so many other amazing people without whom my life would undoubtedly be far worse. I’ve never done the backpacking thing myself, but I don’t know a … Continue reading She moves in all directions

Making a Meal of it

Caroline, Hamburg, Germany Good morning lovely people. Breakfast. Some keep it simple… muesli with milk (hello fellow Germans), some consider coffee a substitute for food and some go all out: Hash browns, baked beans, scrambled eggs, toast… A full English break-feast. Way to kick-start the day! In Germany we have this great expression “Morgenmuffel” which does translate as morning grouch but a) I have never … Continue reading Making a Meal of it

I Facebook, therefore I am.

Kirsten, Hawzein, Tigray, Ethiopia Facebook: A constant carrousel of happy moments, togetherness, and joy. It would be great if life could be only what I put on Facebook. Yet here I am rushing to school, late yet again (not because I got caught up doing productive things, but because I was dilly-dallying around wasting time), sweating like a pig and unprepared to teach English to … Continue reading I Facebook, therefore I am.

I need them bags, all that money

Clare, London, England As a child I used to spend hours watching Liza Minelli in Cabaret, learning all her songs off by heart. Looking back this is somewhat awkward – my sister and I clearly did not get the sous-entrendre of the film. But there was one song that used to always strike me, ‘Money Makes the World Go Round.’ I didn’t really understand this … Continue reading I need them bags, all that money